Sunday, April 22, 2018

Slide Night

Two posts on consecutive days - How about that?

Some of you may remember a mid-century tradition where family and friends would gather in a darkened living room or den to view still photographs projected on the wall. Using a borrowed slide projector, Dad would present and narrate a collection of pictures that captured family vacations, school events, milestone moments, and holiday dinners. By today’s standards, this was primitive and boring entertainment, but for us, it was a lot more fun than another evening of black and white network television.

On Friday, Randy and I resuscitated the ancient tradition of Slide Night, with a spanko twist. Our Friday night celebration began with me getting a bare bottom spanking. At Randy’s suggestion, I stripped down to my T-shirt and thong. Fortunately, it’s finally a little warmer around here and my dearth of clothing wasn’t an issue. We settled in the living room where I took my familiar position over his lap on the couch. He selected a favorite leather paddle for the festivities. My spanking was dreamy with just the right amount of sting. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

When he was finished paddling and rubbing my bottom, we settled in on the couch. Randy used his laptop to cast a slideshow onto our big television. We’d done this before for streaming movies, but this slideshow was new territory. I quickly deduced that I was to be the star of the show. Over the past forty years, Randy has taken thousands of photographs of me. Specifically, most are pictures of my well spanked bottom in every imaginable position and state of undress. He has collected, captioned, and curated these photos as a catalog of our happy spanking memories. On this night, we took a sore bottomed stroll down memory lane. The dialog that follows represents transcribed highlights from the ensuing discussion.

R: Remember this one, Bon?

B: How could I possibly…? It’s another picture of my butt.

R: Well, that was the first time we tried the Vermont Country Store bath brush.

B: Holy %#@&! No wonder I was marked. That thing is pure evil.

R: Yes, but we had a good time with it.

B: Sometimes my idea of a good time and yours are different.

R: How about this one? I have very fond memories of you wearing those purple bikini panties.

B: It looks old. Was that a Polaroid you scanned?

R: Very good. This was one of the first times I spanked you really hard with the sorority paddle. Back then, I wasn’t sure how much you wanted and how much you could take. I underestimated you on both counts.

B: Those were happy times. I remember telling you that I wasn’t made of glass.

R: This one is more recent.

B: Yeah, I can see the spanking bench.

R: Good eye. It was actually our first time with the bench.

B: I fell in love immediately. There’s just something wonderful about being strapped down for a spanking.

B: What on Earth did you do to my bottom here?

R: This is another old one. Do you remember that old blue plastic bathbrush? You got about a hundred hard swats from it that day.

B: Yikes! That looks so ouchie. I wonder what I did to deserve that.

R: I think you asked for it.

B: Oooh.

R: And here’s one from the naughty cheerleader series.

B: Naughty cheerleaders always get spanked.

R: Yes, they do.

B: That picture looks downright pornographic. I don't like it.

R: You were so sweet and lovely that day.

B: Next time I'm sweet and lovely, let's point the camera at the other end, all right?

B: Now this looks like the results of a caning.

R: Right. I love seeing you standing in the corner with your stripes on display.

B: Not especially my thing, but whatever. I’d actually rather you caress me afterward.

R: I don’t have many photos of that part because my hands were full.

B: Just as well.

R: This picture is one of my all time favorites. Look how the red peeks out from the bottom of your short shorts.

B: The reason the red peeks out is because you spanked my thighs. Meanie!

R: You love it.

B: That is totally beside the point. Let’s move on.

B: So what’s going on here?

R: I thought you looked beautiful that day so I took your picture.

B: When was this one taken?

R: That was when [adult daughter] was a baby.

B: I just remembered why I work out. I look mighty wide there.

R: You know that I adore your curves.

B: I believe you said that once or twice.

R: Here’s a summer bathing suit spanking.

B: That suit wasn’t designed as a thong back, you know.

R: Yeah, but taking off that one-piece would have been a lot more effort.

B: ...And we certainly wouldn’t want an inefficient spanking.

R: Sometimes you just need the paddle and it can’t wait.

B: So this is about my needs? Or is it about what you think I need?

R: Okay, maybe it’s that second one.

B: Just as I thought.

This happy show-and-tell banter continued for more than an hour. I didn’t recall seeing many of the pictures previously. After a while, punished bottoms start to all look alike to me, even with his witty backstories. So we decided to stop for the evening. Randy felt it was appropriate, in the spirit of the occasion, to spank me again. So I clambered across his lap a second time and gratefully accepted all the percussive love he promised. He was dismayed that my bottom had shed the color he deposited during the previous session, but quickly remedied any deficiency. When satisfied with his artwork, he tossed the small paddle onto a side table. Kissing and touching ensued. Spankings are still the very best sort of foreplay for us.

Randy says that he has plenty more “slides” so there’s a good chance we’ll hold this event again soon.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Princess Kelley's Ten Year Reflections

Our friend, Kelley, AKA Princess Kelley, just published a terrific post in recognition of the tenth anniversary of her first adult spanking experience. She reflects upon those years through ten insightful bits of advice that she wrote for her 18-year old self.

I invite you to check it out!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Erica Scott Interview

SamanthaB just released a new video interview with our amazing friend, Erica Scott. If you don't know Erica, you surely should. She is a brilliant writer, skilled observer, sage advisor, and spanko celebrity. And as you'll see in the video, she also has a beautiful smile.

Erica discusses her spanko history, blogging, relationships, filming videos, spanking parties, etiquette, and assisting newbies. Thank you, Samantha and Erica, for a informative and fascinating interview.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Marching Forward

Hello again my friends. I hope a few of you are still out there despite my random and infrequent posting.

Randy sent me this logo of the St. Bonaventure Bonnies. Apparently, they are a college basketball team in the East. They were playing for the chance to go to the championship tournament, but alas, the Bonnies got spanked. I don't read a lot of sports articles, but as a journalist, I *love* when sportswriters and broadcasters talk about a defeated team being spanked. In my mind, the players are OTK and there are wooden hairbrushes involved. And when the team has my name, that's just extra wonderful.

Well this Bonnie is still experiencing traditional corporal punishment fairly regularly as well (twice this weekend so far, in fact, and it's not even over yet!). Here's a snippet from yesterday's azotaina fandango:

R: Lift that skirt and get over my lap.

B: Why?

R: Because I'm going to spank you now.

B: How come?

R: Because you're a naughty girl.

B: How am I naughty?

R: Every day you dream of being spanked.

B: I'll get the paddle.

I drop into Fetlife occasionally and that's a strange little world. There are a lot of male spankers in our town who don't bother to read profiles. When I say that I play only with my husband, it means that I am not interested in going over to your place for a "hot" spanking. Besides, I have a kid who is older than some of you. And no, I seriously doubt that was me you saw at the grocery store when you thought recognized my butt. Now I recall why I don't spend much time on FL.

Moving on, I should tell you about a spanko art project that Randy and I worked on a few weeks ago. After the success of his video experiments, he wanted to try something different. This was another collaborative effort. He was the primary artist and my role was, well, you'll see.

One Friday evening, in preparation for our weekly fun, Randy handed me a new pair of white leggings and he asked me to put them on over a plain white thong. It was spanking night so I was game for almost anything. The leggings were a bit small and fit snugly. Probably not a coincidence, I thought.

When I was dressed, Randy revealed his plan as we walked downstairs to our (cold) basement/playroom. This was going to be spanko art and the seat of my new white leggings would be the canvas. As I took my place atop our spanking bench, Randy retrieved a small plastic bucket which contained what I learned was crushed blue sidewalk chalk. At age twelve, our sweet granddaughter has moved on to other interests so he thought it would be OK to re-purpose some of her chalk. His paintbrush was a leather riding crop.

He told me that I would have to be strapped to the bench to ensure that I wouldn't move and blur the picture. I laughed at this preposterous concept, but willingly placed my wrists and ankles into the velcro restraint cuffs.

I heard him rattle the crop head around in the bucket to gather chalk dust. A moment later, I simultaneously heard a snap and felt the accompanying burn as my bottom became his canvas. The thin lycra provided no real protection against the repeated assaults of the crop. Every few blows, my love took photos to memorialize his creative process. Then he swirled the crop in the chalk to begin the cycle again. At one point, he stopped to admire his creation and exclaim "Ah, c'est magnifique!" Then the great French artist went back to his masterpiece.

In the end, the spanking won out over the art. The chalk dust didn't stay where he put it for long, especially as succeeding blows rained down. By the time he finished, the blue dust was pretty much everywhere. Eventually, he abandoned the artwork and peeled down his canvas to expose a fresh red one. He then painted my bare skin in similar fashion, halting only to capture snapshots of his blue and crimson creation.

When he finally released me, I was surprised by how far the dust had traveled. The front of Randy's clothes was covered. So were the floor and the bench to say nothing of my hind quarters. A drop cloth might have helped. So might a can of that chalk fixative. Better still, Randy mused, this might be more of an outdoor sort of activity. Hoo boy...

He talked briefly about framing the leggings, But it wouldn't have been an effective way to chronicle the story. It looks like someone sat in something blue.

Fortunately, the evening wasn't a total loss. We cleaned up by sharing a shower. There was a lot of blue dust to remove and he did so in the best way.

I've been trying to keep the blogroll up to date as time allows, but it's a never ending task. If you know of a good spanking blog that is not listed, please leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail. I love to share new blogs!

I hope you all enjoy a great weekend!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Keyword Chaos: Welcome to 2018 Edition

Here are some of the search terms that people used to find this blog.
  • #강원 #스팽 – That’s exactly what I said!

  • alexinspankingland – Wonderful blog, wonderful blogger

  • bbw bound spanked story – A good hardbound storybook will provide enjoyment for decades

  • bdsm cornertime punishment coin – Heads it’s the crop, Tails it’s the cane

  • bear traps sandals roanna – Kinky people who play with bear traps are very hard core

  • bellington academy spanking – So I’m a punishment major, how about you?

  • big broad fleshy bottom – I definitely have a fleshy bottom, but I'm not a big broad

  • black male spanking tumblr – Bad Tumblr!

  • blog mature wife spanking mark – It’s a tough day for Mark

  • bonnie butt sex – Must we?

  • bubble butt spank dom – This poor dom couldn’t find any pants that fit

  • claire paddled skirt realspanking – The paddle works better if you put on the skirt first

  • cock spanking blog – Hey, didn't I tell you to leave that chicken alone!

  • cornertime and spanking for naughty wife – I can't imagine how this corner got so dusty

  • disciplining bonnie with a padle – Is that a padle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  • good old-fashioned spanking: mf spanking and domestic discipline stories – Ah, the classics

  • how much does strictjane charge? – Why are you asking me?

  • isabella, spankologist – I want to get a degree in that!

  • kiss me kate spank photos 2017 – Bend over, Milady

  • mom woodshed discipline tube – Please Mother, not the paper towel roll again!

  • my bottom smarts tumblr – I don’t need another blog

  • panty parade – That happens before the Lingerie Bowl, right?

  • randy milf spanking boy – Does that make me the MILF?

  • redneck bare bottom spanking – Git them britches down!

  • s/m paddling on blood thinners – Don’t do it

  • school principal punished female teacher by spank barebottom nude – Somewhere an attorney is salivating

  • sculacciate a gogo m/f – Disco Spanko

  • six of the best skirt up panties down – Sounds like a party

  • sleeping porn humiliatimg inserting – If you’re inserting anything into a sleeping person to humiliate them, you’re a total creep

  • spanking girls in pants – Girls in skirts deserve a turn too

  • spanking implement quiz – The written test for the spankers license was more difficult than Andy expected

  • spanking implements kept in panty drawer – I can’t even fit all of my panties into one drawer!

  • spanking me girls night out – A kinky pirate event

  • spanking positions – Don’t forget the “Prostrate Platypus”

  • spankoradio – And now back to your bottom forty hits...

  • vanillakink curvy modal video – I don’t know what that means, but it sounds good

  • where's strictjane? – Sort of like Waldo, but for consenting adults

  • wives bare bums spanked – How many wives are we spanking?

  • women paddling caning spanking nude women girls hard severe painful – Typing "women" twice tells Google to send more women
That’s it!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Incredibly Personal Q&A Part IV

Way back in 2012, I has a long running e-mail conversation with a reader I refer to as Tom. This fellow had a lot of questions and many of them were deeply personal in nature. He was so curious, so patient, and just so sweet, that I chose to answer most of his questions as honestly as I could without outing myself. This dialog turned into three of our most popular posts ever. You can read them here, here, and here.

As you've probably guessed, Tom is back and he has more questions. Once again, I have responses. My purpose in sharing this information is to provide our fellow spankos with a benchmark. The way Randy and I do things is certainly not the only way or necessarily the best way, but it's worked for us. I hope these answers will provide useful new ideas, confirmation, or topics for conversation. In many cases, I edited questions and answers for brevity.

So with further ado, let's get personal!

Q61. We haven't seen much of you lately. Where have you been?

A61. I've been engaged in a great many activities. I'm still working full time. I have also picked up some volunteer assignments. Most notably, I have been deeply involved with a community theater company. I have also worked with young people learning about acting and theater tech.

Q62. What's your favorite color?

A62. Red.

Q63. Does it seem incongruous that your favorite color is also your safeword?

A63. I guess I never considered that. I can live with a little ambiguity.

Q64. What is your favorite style of panty?

A64. That depends. Randy loves to dress me in attractive lingerie, so I have lots from which to choose. If I am headed to work, most days I will probably wear some practical full coverage cotton briefs. I am a granny, so I'm entitled to wear them if I want. They are soft and comfortable and they (mostly) don't ride up. For the gym or working around the house, my choice is more likely a pair of high cut, high waisted briefs. These are also cotton or a cotton blend, typically in pastel colors. They provide greater ease of movement. Finally, if spanking play is on the docket, I slide into a thong. I own a remarkable number of thongs in every imaginable fabric, color, and pattern. Randy once said, as he was presenting me with more new thongs, that he never wanted to miss a spanking opportunity because all of my thongs were in the laundry. Let's just say that is not an issue.

Q65. What do you think about when you are over your husband's lap and he is spanking you with a paddle?

A65. When your bottom is being assaulted, it focuses your mind upon the very immediate here and now. The imagination can't wander far at those painful moments. Disciplinarians sometimes talk about gaining a spankee's full attention and, believe me, a briskly applied paddle can do that.

Q66. I hear some women say that they have an issue with wearing pink because it reinforces negative gender stereotypes. Do you wear pink?

A66. Yes, I do. I want to be soft and feminine sometimes. It's not all that I am, but I would never want to lose that caring, nurturing aspect of myself. I hope we can someday evolve as a society to a place where soft need not be considered the opposite of strong. I think I can be as tough as most men, but only when I have to be.

Q67. That brings us to the question of the year, #metoo?

A67. Yes, unfortunately, #metoo. I started a post on this topic around the beginning of 2018, but abandoned it when I decided it was too depressing and too off-topic for this spanking blog. I have been harassed in various ways since I was a young teen. I've been hit on by elderly men and kids who were our daughter's age. I've been groped. I've been stalked. I've been followed. I've been leered at. I've listened to critiques of my body. I've been minimized, passed over, paid less, put down, ignored, and talked over at work. There are many dimensions of creepiness and I've experienced quite a few personally. And this was vanilla Bonnie, just going through my life, not blogger Bonnie who talks about spankings and sex. So, yeah, #metoo.

Q68. So what's the answer?

A68. We need to elect and support leaders who will move us forward. Let's remember that women are a majority. If we unite and work together, we can build a better world. We must muster the courage to challenge those in powerful places to live up to the responsibility with which they've been entrusted and set a positive example for the rest of society. If they are unwilling or unable to change, then change must come without them.
Stand up. Speak up. But never give up.

Q69. So how's your love life?

A69. (laughing) OK, that might be the worst segue ever, but let's carry on. Randy and I are officially senior citizens now. As we age, there are certain changes we experience and sex is no exception. I think our appetite is still strong, but fatigue and various aches (no, no, not those aches!) sometimes derail our plans. For me, it means that a personal lubricant is a necessity. For Randy, it means there won't be a second helping. We've settled into three or four go-to positions that work most of the time. We live with these realities and happily enjoy sex at least once a week. A brisk spanking is still our foreplay of choice and it remains very effective for us.

Q70. What is your earliest spanko memory?

A70. It was very early, perhaps even before I went to school. I remember having a Little Golden storybook where one of the characters, an animal I think, was spanked OTK for some minor offense. I was fascinated and carefully studied every detail of that illustrated page in hopes of learning more. For reasons I couldn't fully grasp at the time, I wanted to be that spankee. I don't know whether this desire was inborn, but if not, it started very young.

Q71. You've said that you work as a technical writer. How have those skills helped you as a blogger?

A71. Blogging about spanking is a lot more fun, but otherwise, there are a number of similarities. In both cases, I seek to convey nuanced and sometimes complex thoughts in a simple, concise manner. There is a definite structure and pace required, though I have more freedom to deviate here. I think I am fairly organized and that was particularly essential when I was posting everyday. There's a lot of crossover.

Q72. What do you wear to work out?

A72. I'm sorry to keep saying, "It depends," but it does. If it's likely to be warm where I work out, it could be shorts and a t-shirt. If it's cold, the outer layer is probably sweat pants and a warmer top. For in between times and underneath, I have some lycra gear. I am not the hot workout chick if that's what you're asking.

Q73. Tell us about your granddaughter.

A73. Oh my. You've found my soft spot. She is a delight and the light of our lives. I wish we could see her more often. She is smart and beautiful and clever and strong. We are very proud of her as we cheer each new accomplishment. She's shaped like me (and her mother), but has Randy's sense of humor.

Q74. How do you feel about Randy's growing collection of photos and videos of you?

A74. On one hand, creating and curating this private content gives him pleasure and I support that. On the other hand, I would be mortified if relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors, or casual acquaintances ever saw video of everything that happens to me when I am strapped to the spanking bench. He would never release them without my permission and that won't happen anytime soon.

Q75. Have you acquired a new favorite implement since we last talked?

A75. Yes, after years of discussion, we finally purchased a real punishment cane. I don't know if it qualifies as a favorite, but the big cane generates a different sort of sensation than any of our other spanking toys. It's a worthy addition to our collection.

Q76. Since you mentioned the cane, if you were a naughty schoolgirl, would you prefer to receive six strokes with the cane or four whacks with a big wooden school paddle?

A76. Oh, if I were a naughty schoolgirl... I think your question presumes this schoolgirl seeks to get away with the less severe punishment (and isn't totally into the experience like me). I would choose the cane because as painful as it is, it won't create the deep ache that lasts like swats from the big paddle do.

Q77. What is your favorite time of day for a spanking?

A77. We've maintained a Friday evening routine for many years. I think it started because that was the time when our daughter was most reliably out of the house. She's long gone now, but the tradition remains. The only downside is that we are usually tired after a long work week. But there's nothing like a good healthy bottom warming to make one feel rejuvenated. We've experimented with spankings on weekend mornings. Unfortunately, that practice tends to interfere with completion of weekend tasks. A weeknight spanking is a fun change of pace sometimes. So I guess my answer is pretty much whenever he has the paddle in his hand.

Q78. Would you ever wear a shirt with a subtle or not so subtle spanking message?

A78. Around the house, yes, absolutely. I think it would be fun. I particularly liked the Omega Tau Kappa sorority shirts that Princess Kelley sold a couple of years ago. Out in public, probably not.

Q79. Do you wax or shave your pubic region?

A79. Neither. I keep it cropped it short.

Q80. You say that you are now a semi-retired blogger. What does that mean?

A80. It means that I blog when I have the time and inclination. Blogging no longer runs my life so I can truly enjoy everything that I'm doing.

That's it. Tom actually had additional questions, but I chose twenty for this post. I hope you enjoyed learning more about me than you ever thought you wanted to know.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

I'm Ready for My Closeup

Hello again, dear friends. So it’s 2018 and we’re still here and talking about spankings. I started a reflective post about the changes our world has seen over the past year, but abandoned it, at least for now, because it’s all just too unpleasant. That’s not why you come here. It’s not why I come here either.

And so, on to the spankings. I can report lots of jolly holiday bottom warming around here. My husband, Randy, prides himself on finding innovative variations to enhance our percussive fun. After four decades, I am still repeatedly amazed (and sore) as I discover the clever ways he has devised to light a fire in my aft section.

Last weekend, he combined two of his favorite kinks – spanking and photography. The twist was that this time, he experimented with capturing the moment of maximum impact for a variety of implements. When our regular playtime began, he described his plan. He had me remove my jeans, but let me keep my top, bra, thong, and socks. It was cold in the bedroom so I appreciated that kind gesture. At his instruction, I bent over the love ramp he had positioned on our bed. He placed his cameras (yes, cameras!) on a low chest facing my exposed target.

Randy announced that the first round of experiments would involve his hand. He’s not a big fan of hand spankings these days because he claims that my bottom is much tougher than his hand and he is not the one who is supposed to be punished. I find this statement humorous, at least until he pulls out something more serious. But a hand spanking warm up seemed like a great way to begin.

He slapped my bare bottom briskly once on each side. Then he went back to check his recorded images. After a minute or two of fiddling, his attention returned to me. More swats ensued, and more gadget tweaking. It hurt a bit, but it was a good hurt and nothing for which I was unprepared.

When he declared success, I asked if I could see what was captured. It is my butt after all. He brought the camera around to show me a shot of his hand compressing my flesh. On the slow motion camera, I watched my left cheek deform upon impact, jiggle for a moment, and then return to its original shape. It was interesting, and frankly, a bit of a turn-on to see myself get spanked. I loved the hand prints!

Randy brought out several spanking implments to further the cause of science. Like a good lab assistant / test subject, I aided in his experiments. Next up was a leather riding crop. We had seen a GIF where a woman’s bottom ripples in slow motion after the impact of a crop. He wanted to see whether he could reproduce that result. I have plenty of flesh back there with which to make waves, so we were hopeful of a positive result. Sure enough, on the first try, he made my bottom ripple like a stone tossed into a pond. Then he applied the crop several more times in search of the perfect impact shot. This stung, but it was worth it to see the results. The tip of the crop pushed in my skin much deeper than I would have thought. As he gradually hit harder, the results resembled a tsunami radiating out from the punished area.

Then we moved to wood. A short, roundish, thick hardwood paddle was next. This paddle is usually applied OTK, but that didn’t stop him. He swatted me quite a few times because he couldn’t get the shot he wanted. It seems the paddle striking my bottom obscured his view of the impact. Even relocating the cameras did not achieve the desired shot. I had the poor taste to giggle at this dilemma, so he changed strategy.

When he showed me the vintage Vermont Country Store bath brush, I knew that the fun and games were over. This long handled wooden brush is a serious punishment implement. He found it provided a very satisfactory result, both in terms of his photos/video and my posterior discomfort. Ouch. That thing is so wicked. The images explained why. The spot where the brush strikes is deeply compressed and the surrounding flesh is violently forced outward. Subsequent swats amplify and spread the effect. No wonder it leaves marks!

He concluded with the punishment cane. My poor bottom was already red and pulsating with pain by this point, but I was curious to see what the cane would do. You know, the pursuit of science and all that… I lowered my head and braced myself for the stripes to be applied. By this time, Randy had a good understanding of his equipment so my caning didn’t take very long. The strokes were hard, but they didn’t hurt as much as that damned brush. The video showed the cane digging into both of my cheeks at the same time. Then it seemed to bounce off and the skin snapped back. Each stroke left a thin, white horizontal line crossing my otherwise red canvas. These lines grew into raised ridges I could feel with my fingers.

He kissed me and thanked me for being such a cooperative subject. Clothes were shed. Adult activities ensued. In the heat of lovemaking, a troubling thought came to me. “Did you turn off those cameras?”

“Yes,” he responded. And with that, pleasure resumed.

We’ve played with video before, but never in quite this way. This was a fun adventure. Randy got his shots and I got my swats. A fair bargain I think. Next time, he says, he wants to strap me to the spanking bench downstairs. He has plenty more implements that need to be tested. Now he wants to invest in a tripod. It just keeps getting better!